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We specialise in building healthy homes that are environmentally sustainable with Hempcrete.

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TEC Hempcrete came from seeing a need to build healthy, natural sustainable homes . We work with licensed builders and architects to help build, renovate or extend your home using a product that is mould, pest and fire resistant amongst other benefits.

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TEC Hempcrete can provide services to help you build, extend or renovate your home or space with this quality product.

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Product: HEMP LIME

Coverage: 296 SQM

This house will be completely off grid relying on solar so it was important to limit power usage as much as possible. That is where hempcrete stands out to achieve a comfortable living environment without the need of energy intensive heating and cooling systems which is recorded to cost 36% of Australia’s household power consumption. 

Additionally due to the breathable nature of hempcrete the walls will mitigate humidity by absorbing moisture vapor into the wall ( hemp is hyper absorbent and can hold many times it’s own weight) and release it as the relative internal humidity drops.
This will mitigate mold growth which has huge health benefits as mold and it’s spores is the cause of many respiratory issues within our own homes. The hemp and lime are both antibacterial and anti fungal and the will draw in bacteria ultimately cleansing the air inside your own home acting as a huge filtration system.

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